Hardrush Music Publishing acts as a manager of songwriter songs. This involves several important functions including:

  • Protection of songwriters' intellectual property rights - ensuring that the songs are not stolen, copied or misused by others at any level.

  • Collection of royalty fees and levies where relevant - both within Australia and overseas (including North America and Europe)

  • Promotion of the compositions to agencies, performers and promoters with a view to the production of commercial recordings - that is, cover versions of your songs in other markets. These performers are not usually on the Hardrush Music label, but have volume CD sales in their own countries.

  • Promotion of song writers' compositions to relevant licensing agencies for film, television and radio soundtrack applications.

  • Representation as the first line of defence in any litigation and counter claims by other interests that may attempt to covet or stop the managed songs from public performance and/or broadcast.

  • Provision of a standard "Plain English" publishing agreement where all items are transparent and unambiguous. Terms that are amongst the most songwriter friendly in the music industry so the incentive is for Hardrush to do the work and make it worthwhile for all.

  • Update your public performance repertoire online so you are up to date (if you advise us of the gig and radio performance dates).

  • Automatically list your songs with the relevant copyright collection agencies when you notify Hardrush Music.

    Most importantly, Hardrush Music Publishing agreements are based on results rather than a lifetime contract. Unlike almost all publishers, if Hardrush does not achieve results within reasonable time periods, the songwriter has every right to give notice to end the publishing agreement.

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