Hardrush Music is a leading independent recording label involved in music distribution, publishing and events across the entertainment markets of Australia and the the Asia-Pacific region.

Based in Australia, Hardrush Music was originally esablished in 2000 as Hardrush Music Corporation Limited by award-winning producer Kelvin Fahey. With the decline in physical compact disk sales and a review of corporate priorities in a globalised and highly competitive music market, much of the distribution and events activities and all publishing operations were restructured into Hardrush Music. This has allowed the business to focus on what is achievable and maximises both market and technological opportunities.

Over the years Hardrush Music has been noted as a leading promoter of emerging independent performers whether they be singer/songwriters or groups. Hardrush has won awards for its releases, especially compilations, as well as a rising force in supplying music for television and motion picture soundtracks.

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